Avack Alert personal security is a modern solution to improve work safety. In an emergency, an alert conveyed through IP, 3G and GSM networks is quick and efficient. The alert will be automatically made visible on the workstation display over running programs, without closing them. In addition, it is possible to show it on the Avack Info screens and deliver it by phone as voice and text messages. Wireless alert buttons and different kinds of locating systems, such as WLAN locating and a sensor network, can be integrated as a part of the system. 

The users include, for example, healthcare, social and customer service personnel and authorities. The solution is very suitable both for individual sites and as a centralised system for large national organisations. The largest deliveries are solutions covering the areas of several municipalities used by more than 1,000 users.

The Avack Alert solution is based on an alert server with rules that have been created in advance, based on which an alarm made in different ways, manually or automatically, is conveyed in the desired manner to the desired receiving devices. A significant feature is the ability to make alerts on different levels. The system also has very versatile interfaces with third-party systems, enabling a wholly integrated solution. This clarifies the users’ work and increases safety.


The alerts can be made in many different ways. The devices include e.g. the computer keyboard, mouse, wireless and wired buttons and different kinds of GSM phone solutions. It is possible to add indoor and outdoor locating features.

The alerts can automatically be activated from external camera, access control, property and fire alarm systems. In addition to these alert messages, is possible to share the information through the Avack Alert server’s versatile solutions. The content of the message can also be made more diverse, in addition to a simple text message.


In the server, the division of alerts can be defined in a very versatile manner according to time, alert type, person or location information. This ensures that exactly the right people receive the right information. The server can open just the alert code in a clear language form for the user to make sure that the users’ actions are rapid and correct.


The alerts can be presented in many different ways: spoken, text messages and text, as well as images on the screens. One significant advantage is the possibility to transform text directly into speech, in which case separate recordings are not required.

The terminal devices used include e.g. workstations, corridor and wall displays, loudspeakers, mobile devices and beacon lights. The possibility to display the alert messages via the information screens, public address system and control room interfaces that the customer has already acquired should also be taken into account separately.


Avack Ltd has a browser-based SMS text message solution, with which different kinds of messages can easily be conveyed to the desired groups and persons. Ready-made rules can be easily created in the system, in which case it is possible to reach a selected group of people with different messages. The solution is well-suited for authorities, healthcare districts and companies.

With the help of the Avack Door-opening system, the doorbell will ring directly on your workstation with a video image. You can use the mouse to open the door in the window that automatically opens on your desktop. The system supports several doors and saves their events as images.