Avack Ltd has been one of the first companies in Finland to deliver presentation technology. With more than 20 years of experience, the company has always supplied functional systems to its customers using the latest technology in the field. The range of innovative solutions ranges from large control rooms to individual systems for conference premises.

Avack Ltd aims to use the latest device solutions in the market without committing to one device supplier. In this way, it is possible to ensure the best possible solution for the customer for an affordable price. Long-term experience guarantees reliable specification, sale, deliveries and maintenance for even the most challenging sites.

Technology is undergoing major changes. The trend is to move from lamp-based data projectors to LED display surfaces or laser projectors due to usability, image quality, energy consumption and maintainability. Another trend is to move in terms of the image transmission path to IP-based CAT-cabled solutions. The third change is the diversification of the control methods for the systems. In a modern solution, the system is controlled via a browser interface or a mobile device.


Over the decades, Avack Ltd has built dozens of control rooms in different sizes, which are used by authorities, companies and defence forces as well as hospitals. As a result of our wide-ranging expertise, we can create a control room solution to fulfil all your needs, and we also look after its maintenance, ensuring a carefree and secure utilisation rate.


Modern auditoriums are always built according to the customer's demands and needs, utilising the devices available in the market at each time. In this way, it is possible to ensure an up-to-date cost and energy-efficient solution that fulfils the wishes of even the most demanding user.


A modern conference room is built with a large LED screen with the option of a computer with its touch screen features. This ensures that the device will start quickly and that it is quiet, energy-efficient and stylish. It is possible to connect to the device with traditional VGA, HDMI and DP cables, and material can be transferred via Miracast, WLAN and LAN connections. Sound solutions will be made at the price and quality level requested by the customer.


We have made a large variety of schools in different sizes where the classroom presentation technology is solved in a manner desired by the customer, with data or short-throw projectors or large touch-screen smartboards. All the necessary devices will be integrated in the solution as a whole.


Combined with information, alert and public address communications solutions, we can offer you a unique integrated overall solution that can be acquired in smaller parts if needed and expanded according to need and financial situation. General expandability is to add information communications and possible emergency communication to the same devices. By acquiring an overall solution from one supplier, you will ensure the compatibility, functionality and maintenance of the devices.