Avack Audio provides, in addition to excellent sound quality and an outstanding price/quality ratio, a diverse selection of different public address, loudspeaker, amplifier and other device options that can be used to build a system tailored specifically to your needs. There are many different ways to produce speech and music to the desired areas, either live or with versatile timing control.

Devices that can be connected to the LAN network expand the traditional public address system and provide a communications network which serves, in addition to everyday information distribution, as a part of the security and alarm system. The IP-based system is a modern way to create a comprehensive communication and security solution. It can also be attached as a part of the old system.

All devices are connected online to the server that manages the operations of the system. Since the traffic happens in the customer's own data network, the devices can be positioned in a flexible way and any possible changes are also easy to perform. Intelligent devices make continuous surveillance possible and increase reliability.

All IP-connected devices have their own central unit that enables transmission of timing data from the server to the unit in question, in which case the timed functions determined in advance can be performed without a network connection. A USB memory can also be connected to the devices to play music of one's choice. It is also possible to connect an external microphone for local announcements to some of the devices.


The server program controls the system’s functions. Devices connected online are automatically registered in the database. On the server, you can categorise announcement groups, manage timing control for different announcements and music, provide user rights for desktop programs and make announcements or transfer music to the desired areas.


Sound comes from the IP speakers. There is a model available that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor premises. Both alternatives have a PoE electricity supply possibility as well as an inbuilt amplifier, to which one external speaker driver and panel unit can be connected.

When more power is wanted, IP amplifiers with different power ratings from 20W – 600W can be used for the same communications. The desired number of 8ohm/70V/100V speaker drivers are connected to the amplifier. In this way, it is possible to create a cost-effective and modern public address solution by replacing the traditional analogue amplifier with an IP amplifier and using the existing, installed speaker elements.

A wide variety of speaker elements for both indoor and outdoor premises, as well as surface and embedded installations, is available. The power classes vary from 3 W all the way to 180W.


Timed announcements will be made in the server, from where they are transferred via the net to the desired IP devices. This ensures that the announcements are made even during network outages.

Announcements via the public address unit. The device has options for individual IP speakers or amplifiers, the desired ones or all groups. It is also possible to play music directly to the desired areas from the public address unit, either from external USB memory or from a device connected to the line input.

Announcements from a Windows workstation. You can select the desired public address areas with the mouse and initiate the announcement with the microphone in the computer. In this way, it is possible to make, for example, emergency announcements from a safe location.

The IP amplifiers also have a microphone input which can be used to make local announcements to the desired area. The user interface is a corresponding display unit, as in the public address unit, but it is controlled with a separate IR remote control instead of buttons.


The announcements in the system can already currently be made from Windows tablets and a smartphone interface for the Android operating system is coming towards the end of 2015.